Rectangular Havana Rugs Carpet Grey & Black
Rectangular Havana Rugs Carpet Grey & Black
Rectangular Havana Rugs Carpet Grey & Black

Rectangular Havana Rugs Carpet Grey & Black


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Our beautiful and unique Havana rugs featuring geometrical designs and refreshing colors are the best addition to any interior. The flat woven surface stabilizes the sharp features of the place and creates a balanced sleek look. Moreover, these power loomed rugs will bring an exceptionally gorgeous texture to the place. Thin and soft piles on the surface makes the maintenance process easy and hassle free. Whereas the geometric patterns will add a dimensional touch. Our rigs are durable and last withstand every sort of weather, traffic, and use. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can carry them while going for hunting, camping, or any outdoor activity. 


  • Resistant to fading. Have Reliable and solid colors that do not fade even after the excessive sun exposure of UV radiations. 8 color combinations are available in the stock. Each rug contains 2 to 3 complementary colors. 
  • Withstand both indoor & outdoor usage.
  • Made from 100% polypropylene and processed on power looms under close watch. Rugs are Heavy duty & anti slipping. 

Size & dimensions:

  • 8 standard sizes are available: 60 cm x 110 cm, 80 cm x 150 cm, 80 cm x 300 cm, 120 cm x 170 cm, 160 cm x 230 cm, 200 cm x 290 cm, 240 cm x 320 cm & Havana Runner 60 cm x 220 cm.

Washing & care instructions:

  • Thin & professionally made pile makes the maintenance process easy. No special care is required. Clean the rugs regularly like other rugs.
  • Clean by using a vacuum cleaner twice a week. Clean in the direction of the pile to remove all the dust and debris. 
  • Machine washable, wash using a gentle cycle, cold water, & mild detergent. Do not bleach or use any harsh chemical agent.

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