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Richly-woven and carefully made jacquard curtains are an effortless way to bring luxury and style to your place. The predetermined weave pattern, beautiful and vibrant colour schemes, and smooth texture offer brilliance to the curtains. Jacquard curtains have a different and characteristic weave pattern which makes them the best go-to when it comes to treating your windows.

We offer the readymade jacquard curtains in various weave patterns, color schemes, and sizes at our store. The beautifully built patterns and finest finishing of our ready made jacquard curtains will add a touch of Luxe to your place bringing luxury and tapestry-like finished look. Our jacquard curtains come in pencil pleat heading style which will volume to your windows and makes them appear broader and fuller. The three strings at the top of jacquard curtains will help you to hang the curtains from three different positions allowing you to hang according to the need. All these factors make our jacquard curtains the main attraction and the best-selling product of our store. We also offer the lined jacquard curtains as per your need.


  • Size Availability: We offer readymade lined jacquard curtains in 2 standard sizes. These include 66"x72” & 90"x90”.
  • Fabric Material: 100% pure polyester is used as a raw material for making these curtains.
  • Heading style: Pencil pleat curtains are available.
  • Color Availability: An array of beautiful colors is observed when light falls on the curtains & refracts in arbitrary directions. However, 9 base colors are available including duck egg, burgundy, black, mauve, beige, chocolate, grey, caramel, & gold.
  • Washing instructions: curtains can be washed both by hand & washing machine.
  • Curtain’s set: Each curtain set comprises two curtain’s panel and two matching tie-backs.
  • Matching items: Also available in eyelet curtain , 3 Piece Bedspread.