Waterproof Quilted pet Car Seat
Waterproof CAR Seat
Car Seat
pet Car Seat
Quilted pet Car Seat
Waterproof  Seat
Car Seat
pet Car Seat
Quilted pet Car Seat
pet seat

Waterproof Car Back Seat Quilted Protector


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If you love to carry your dog with you while travelling but are tired of cleaning the back seat every time after travelling, then try our car pet seats. They cover your seat completely and protect it from the dust, hair, claw marks, and the shedding fur. These seat covers are designed specifically for the back seat only so that your dog can relax at the back seat while you are travelling. The cover is doubly layered and water proof. It is anti-slipping assuring that your dog or any other pet will remain safe when you apply brakes. Adjustable loops are present at 4 different positions to help you adjust the seat cover according to your needs. The cover is easy to clean and needs no rocket science cleaning method. Just unclip the cover and clean it right away. Made especially for the standard cars. 


  • Made from 100% pure polyester. Professionally hemmed sides by using heat pressing technique. Beautiful soft textured surface with box patterns all over.
  • Seams are double stitched. Piped on edges to prevent the dirt, fur, or any fluid from destroying your car.
  • 4 adjustable straps with Velcro opening are attached for customization.
  • Heavy duty & Water proof. It is also durable, comfortable, non-slipping, & anchor to its place.
  • Available in black color only.

Available size:

  • Each set includes 1 seat cover only.
  • 58 x 58 inches or 148 x 148 cm.

Washing & care instruction:

  • Machine washable. Wash at 40 degrees using a gentle cycle. Do not bleach.
  • Remove the fur and shedded hair before throwing it into the washing machine.
  • Machine dryable. No extra maintenance cost.

    NOTE: The Dog seat cover may suit for most but doesn't fit larger vehicles and please spend few minutes to kindly check the measurements before placing your order.