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Give your bedroom a refreshing and stylish look with our lovely and top notch patchwork quilted bedspread sets. Showcasing the charm and interactive patchwork, these quilted bedspreads offer you an effortless eye-catching look. Sweet dreams following the restful sleep will help you enjoy the snuggly and comfortable sleep once you slip in our patchwork bedspreads. Striking designs and color schemes ensembles with tailored finishing add a traditional appeal creating a muted and neutral appeal which lends a hand to balance the sharpness inside the room. The embroidered floral motifs and muted colors draping all over your bed create a luxurious look making your bedroom look like it was designed by some professional.

Fabric & design details:

  • 100% pure cotton & polyester is used for making the quilted bedspreads. The facing side is 120 GSM whereas the inserter has 250 GSM ensuring you the warm & cozy bed. 
  • 8 beautiful, striking, & intricate designs are available in the stock. Each having a characteristic appearance and distinctive place in the stock. As for the color schemes we offer 12 reliable and non-fading colors comprising neutral, bright, and soft hues.

Dimensions and size:

Four standard sizes are available.

  • Single: 1 pillow cover 50×75+5cm & 1 Patchwork Bedspread 180cm × 240cm
  • Double: 2 pillow cover 50×75+5cm each & 1 Patchwork Bedspread 235cm × 255cm
  • King size: 2 pillow cover 50×75+5cm each & 1  Patchwork Bedspread 235cm × 255cm
  • Super king size: 2 pillow cover 50×75+5cm each & 1 Patchwork Bedspread 255cm × 275cm

Care tips & washing instruction:

  • Machine washable & hand washable. Supports gently cleaning only so do not rub the fabric excessively or you will damage it. Prefer tumble drying to retain the texture.
  • Avoid whiteners & any chemical agent that can damage the fibers. However, using softeners after washing the sets is a good idea to retain the soft texture.