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8 Piece Ceramic Teapot with Tea Cups and Tray
8 Piece Ceramic Teapot with Tea Cups and Tray

8 Piece Ceramic Teapot with Tea Cups and Tray


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For tea-logical our 8 piece tea sets are the best treat. They will make your tea time great and worthy. They are the best go to for those who love contemporary and minimal looks. They will also make your dining table ready for the guests to have a steamy cup of tea. This graceful tea set will not only complement your kitchen but also ideal to give someone as well. The fine quality tea pot & cups are ideal to pour the hot tea directly into them. They also avoid taste mixing that you likely experience after pouring the hot tea directly into plastic or metal tea cups. Moreover, the cups do not warm after pouring the tea & provide the cool rim to sip from. So try our 8pc tea set & set your table with it for the coming event.


  • Each piece is made with great care and offers a neat and flawless finish. 
  • Made from 100% pure China ceramics. 
  • Available in sea green color only. The sea green color is completed with a gold lining at the rim which adds a glamour touch to each element. 
  • Come with a beautiful packing that is ideal to gift someone without the hassle of wrapping it with decorative coverings. 

Size and capacity:

  • Each set contains 8 elements. Out of which 6 are tea cups, 1 tea pot, and 1 tray. 
  • Capacity of cup: 300 ml and capacity and of teapot: 1000 ml.
  • Height of cup: 6.8 cm, mouth diameter of cup: 8.8 cm, tea pot height: 19.7 cm, and the dimensions of tray: 20×35 cm. 

Washing and care instructions:

  • Do not support microwave use. Keep away from direct fire. 
  • Wash with a mild dishwasher and soft sponge only. 
  • Wipe the water immediately after washing to prevent stains.

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