25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black
25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black
25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black
25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black
25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black

25cm Deep Embossed Fitted Sheet Black


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Enjoy the real joys of a comfortable sleep and luxury feeling with this unique Embossed fitted sheet from Oxford Homeware. An upgrade to comfort combined with enhanced mattress protection, these deep fitted sheets are a vital part of your bedding.

Oxford Homeware is always committed to delivering outstanding quality to you. These fitted bed sheets come with 100% pure microfiber fabric finished using innovative stitching techniques. Combined with the passion, care, and perfection of our professionals, we ensure you receive high-quality extra deep fitted sheets that let you enjoy the luxurious comfort you deserve.

Fitted Sheets come in close contact with your skin. So a fitted sheet should be favourable for your skin to avoid any allergies and sleep peacefully. We equip our embossed fitted sheets with breathability and anti-allergic features. Our fitted sheets are a prior choice for heavy sweaters and one with sensitive skins with these features.

Oxford Homeware truly cares for its customers. We offer these 25 CM Deep Fitted sheets with elastic corners to make the installation process effortless. Combined with a perfect to your mattress, the elastic corners of this elastic bed sheet will perfectly protect your mattress from stains, along with an upgrade to your bedding's elegance.

Bedding sizes vary. And the size of your deep fitted sheet should be persistent with your bedding. To cope up with this, we present an ample sizing range in these embossed fitted sheets. Our sizes start from Single fitted sheet, double fitted sheet, king size fitted sheet, to super king fitted sheet.


  • Colours: Navy, Grey Silver, Charcoal Grey, Black, White, Red, & Beige.
  • Sizes: Single Fitted Sheet (91 x 190 cm); Double Fitted Sheet (137 x 190 cm); King Fitted Sheet (152 x 200 cm); & Super King Fitted Sheet (180 x 200 cm)
  • Depth: 25 CM
  • Fabric: 100% Microfiber      
  • G.S.M: 150 to 300
  • Washing: Washable and Dry Clean.
Feel the luxury you deserve with our collection of Embossed Fitted Sheets
● Oxford Homeware is a leading bedding supplier based in the UK. We commit our professionals round the clock to ensure our valued customers receive immense quality products that add to their sleeping experience and elevate their space ambience.
● Get ready to experience the true pleasures of restful sleep, and a luxurious sensation with this one-of-a-kind Embossed fitted sheet from Oxford Homeware. These deep-fitted sheets are an essential element of your bedding since they provide an enhancement in comfort while also providing more excellent mattress protection.
We ensure premium quality!
● Oxford Homeware is devoted to providing you with excellent quality consistently. These fitted bed sheets are made from a 100% pure microfiber fabric completed using cutting-edge stitching methods. We guarantee that you will get high-quality extra deep fitted sheets that will provide you with the luxury comfort you deserve when combined with the passion, care, and precision of our specialists.
Experience the real Joys of Comfy Sleeping!
● A fitted sheet should be gentle on your skin to prevent allergies and allow you to sleep peacefully at night. Breathability and anti-allergic properties are included in the design of our embossed fitted sheets. Because of these characteristics, our fitted sheets are the best option for heavy sweaters and those with delicate skin.
● Oxford Homeware is a company that cares about its consumers. Our deep fitted sheets with elastic edges are 25 cm deep and are designed to make the installation procedure as simple as possible. The elastic corners of this elastic bed sheet will adequately protect your mattress from stains.
Selection of Colours
A fitted sheet should mix perfectly with your space decor to make your bedding appealing and complement your guests. For this, you should select a stunning colour in your fitted sheet to enhance the elegance in your space. For this, Oxford Homeware offers a wide range of vibrant colours with versatile tones so you can select the suitable luxury fitted sheet for your bedding.
Available Sizes
The size of your deep-fitted sheet should be consistent with the rest of your bedding ensemble. To accommodate this, we have included an extensive size range in these embossed fitted sheets. Starting with single fitted sheets, we progress to double fitted sheets, then king size fitted sheets, and finally, super king fitted sheets.
Washing Instructions
One should wash these embossed fitted sheets frequently to maintain the refreshing feel and the level of comfort. Our bedding professionals recommend that these fitted sheets are made up of fabric that can be both washed and dry cleaned to maintain the hygiene of your fitted sheets.