13.5 Tog Extra Winter Warm Duvet
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13.5 Tog Extra Winter Warm Duvet


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Treat your bed with our ultra-warm & snuggly soft duvets this winter. Being made from high quality & pure synthetic materials, they are soft, fluffy, durable, & textured. The polyester filling is a hypoallergenic & breathable suit for all kinds of people out there. Each duvet either its single, double, or king size has tailored finishing that creates a beautiful designer look. They come in the white color only which is why they go well against any bedding or interior. It is worthy to note that our duvets are anti-pilling, wrinkle-resistant & do not show lofting at all even after consistent use.


Our duvets work by trapping the air & covering it into heat. The outer side is made of a material that is more breathable & moisture absorbing.

  • Duvets will keep your body warm as per your body needs. There’s no fear of over-warming using Oxford Homeware’s duvets.
  • We have 10.5, 13.5, & 15 togs duvets in the stock that work well with the fall. Winter, & extra cool & frosty nights respectively.
  • Highly durable & non-pilling due to even web patterned stitching offering even & smooth surface.
  • Available in white color.
  • Lightweight, you will feel no pressure while sleeping under them. Suitable for the kids as well.
  • Available at affordable & budget friendly rates.

Dimension & available sizes:

We have 3 standard sizes available in the stock. Single, double, & king size.

  • Single duvet: 135 x 200 cm or 54 x 78 inches
  • Double duvet: 200 X 200 cm or 78 x 78 inches
  • King size duvet: 230 x 220 cm or 90 x 86 inches
  • Super King: 260 x 230 cm (86 inches x 103 inches approx).

Washing & care instructions:

  • Do not wash the duvets domestically. Always consult professional dry cleaning.
  • Cover the duvets with a cover to keep the duvets neat & stain free.
  • Keep the edibles away. Do not put the heavy luggage on the duvets to retain its softness.

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