Velvet Quilted Bedspreads


      Our Velvet Quilted Bedspreads collection will give your sleeping quarters a rich appeal. The milky tones and silky texture are sure to make a statement. For a deliciously sumptuous upgrade to the home, pair it with the matching duvet set and accessories. Crushed velvet with a wonderful natural tone. Oxford Homeware is known for its elegance and decor.

      Here are some basic advantages offered by luxurious velvet bedspread:

      Enhances the room's opulence

      Quilted velvet throw is a terrific way to add a trendy touch to your bedroom; check out the selection at Oxford Homeware. Depending on whether you want to go for a vintage or contemporary style, you have a lot of options. In any case, it contributes to the room's elegant hotel appearance. Plus, you won't have to break the cash to get that look. Yorkshire linen bedspreads are really affordable.

      Makes the room appear orderly

      Some luxurious velvet bedspreads are large enough to cover the pillows as well. As a result, your bedroom will have a more coordinated and clean-lined appearance. It's also cleaner. 

      Instead of covering it with a bedspread, it would be wonderful! In the morning rush, it's much easier to just cover everything up. Rather than puffing up your pillows to make them fit better and arranging them neatly! All you have to do now is smooth down the quilted velvet throw.

      We also have a range of