Velvet Duvet Covers Green


      Oxford Homeware offers a variety of beautiful velvet Duvet Covers green.  This set, which is solid in color, is versatile enough to work with any color theme or style. It's made entirely of jacquard and it can be washed in the washer for convenience. Optionally, a velvet duvet insert is accessible for purchase.

      • Our green velvet duvet cover is an odor barrier and retains water and odors rapidly, helping you to sleep comfortably.
      • Most green velvet duvet covers require special consideration. Some comforters are too thick or bulky to be cleaned or dried in the home.
      • Our best green velvet duvet covers have thermogenic properties, which means they can absorb heat, as well as a uniquely soft feel for optimal durability.

      Comfy pillows are exposed to body oil, makeup, dust, animal hair, and, in some situations, liquids, and food if they are not covered. Many people preserve their duvet with a single sheet, but it'll never offer a similar layer of safety as the best bright green duvet covers. A single sheet may cover one end of your duvet for a limited time, but it will always slip off since it is not secured to the duvet.

      We also have a range of