Red Rugs


      Red Rugs

      A new rug is the best way to spruce up the interior of your place. They will not only add glamour to your home decor but also maintain the temperature by increasing the warmth. They transform your place on a limited budget and a sublime beauty to your place making it welcoming for the guests. Red rugs are a good investment, they add a touch of bold colors to your place and create the best possible look especially when festivals are around. The sophisticated red hue becomes the main attention of the place and enlightens your space as well. Red rugs create an intimate, warm, and lovely look. They enhance the visual feel of every corner of your room. With the splash of red rugs, you can create a monochromatic and decent look. Red rugs gravitate to the interior and cherish it.

      So, if you are currently looking for a red rug to cherish your interior, Oxford Homeware is here with an extensive range of red rugs. We are a team of professional manufacturers, creative designers, and other cooperative coworkers who tirelessly work together in bringing new designs and improving the quality of our red rugs. We produce the red rugs massively but each of the rugs is up to date and best quality because our experts watch the manufacturing closely. Moreover, we use sophisticated technical processes for making our red rugs which increase the functionality of rugs and make them useful for both indoor and outdoor usage. The major advantage of buying the red rugs from our online store is that the color of our rugs will not fade away even if they are excessively used outdoor or exposed to the sun. Other than these features, our red rugs have the following characteristics:

      Top-notch quality material: We use 100% polypropylene yarn for making our red rugs. This is processed on power looms and carefully made into beautiful and high-quality rugs. They have a soft & thick pile that is unlikely to pill or shed giving you a durable and strong rug. Our red rugs have a soft and uniform texture which makes our floor perfect for many activities like playing with our kids or pets, taking exercise, or walk in the morning.

      Types  Available

      Designs: Simplicity is a beauty & we realize this. This is why we do not offer extravagant or overly patterned red rugs. As the red color is very bold and complex or sophisticated designs can lead to an overdone look. We offer you plain & geometric patterned Havana rugs. The geometric patterns include a blend of rectangle & square patterns.

      Size availability: Not all places can be designed by the same sized rugs. That’s why we offer you a wide range of sizes. These sizes include 60x110cm, 80x150cm, 160x230cm, 60x220cm, 80x300cm, 200x290cm, 160x230cm, & 240x320cm.


      1. Living Room Rugs
      2. Runners Rugs

      Easy buying: our website is user-friendly and offers an easy buying process. You can buy the required red rugs in just a few clicks & most importantly despite all the above features, we provide the rugs at cheap and affordable rates.