Polyester Blankets


      Plastic is the main component of polyester fabric material. It is carefully processed in a highly sophisticated machine at high temperature to make the polyester. Polyester fabric material has excellent thermal insulation properties and durability; that is why it is used for making blankets and throws. Polyester throws blankets, and polyester blankets have been extensively used due to these excellent features.

      Moreover, polyester blankets are less prone to wrinkles and shrinking. They are easy to wash and maintain and need no extra care. They are readily available at many online stores, and home decor retailers & among all Oxford Homeware is the best. 

      We have a qualified & expert team who tirelessly work to design new products for its valued customers. Our polyester blankets are made carefully under close observation to ensure the quality of the blankets. We are the professional manufacturers who believe in high-quality products only, that is why we try our best to deliver only up to the mark & best quality products to our clients. We always work endlessly to fulfill the needs of our clients & make them happy. After all, you for whom we work.

      We have a vast range when it comes to the color schemes and the designs of the polyester blankets. Continue reading to find out more…

      Features of our polyester blankets:

      Fabric material: We have 100% pure polyester made blankets at our store, our polyester blankets are durable, warm, soft, and silky. We provide the polyester blankets as well as the polyester settee throws to help you design your sofa sets like a pro. 

      Color schemes & designs: we have an exciting range of colors when it comes to polyester blankets. Our polyester blankets are available in soft and neutral as well as the bold and vibrant. You can get both a single colored blanket & multi-colored blankets from our store. Our single-colored blankets include blue, burgundy, light blue, purple, grey, & coffee color. Whereas our multi-colored blankets include chocolate & gold roses deep green blankets, red & burgundy roses large blankets, red & pink roses blankets, red and burgundy roses blankets, grey and red blankets, green and brown blankets, & 3D black and yellow-brown blankets.

      Blanket’s size: everyone needs a different blanket when it comes to sizes. We offer you the blankets in all standard sizes, including the single, twin, large, and king size polyester blankets. Our blankets are available at cheap and affordable rates so that everyone can afford to buy them.

      How to place the order?

      It is very easy & quick to make the purchase from our user friendly website. All you need is to enter the desired blanket’s name in the search bar and click to search for it. Our website will show the available related blankets in the same window. To make a purchase, you need to click on the desired product to ass it to the cart & our team will send you a confirmation message afterward to confirm your order.