Poly Cotton Bedding


      Poly cotton beddings are favored due to many convincing reasons. These beddings are soft, breathable, and durable even after the multiple washes and consistent use of years.  They are easy to wash, dry, and maintain & do not need extra care. These exceptional properties make the poly-cotton bedding ever poplar. The polycotton beddings contain the polyester agents, which make them unlikely to rip easily and enhance life as well.poly-cotton beddings are best for commercial use, for example, hotels, hospitals, and guest rooms, but can be used for domestic purposes as well. To buy the right poly cotton bedding sets for domestic use, visit our online store, the oxford homeware. 

      We have an expert and qualified team at our store who puts excellent efforts in bringing the new designs. Our high-quality polycotton bedding sets will cut the hassle of finding the perfect bedding sets and will let you meet your dreamy bed set.  We have matching quilts and pillows along with our polycotton bedding sheets that will help you create a complementary look. These matching quilts, duvet covers, and pillow covers come in a large variety, you can choose between the embroidered, 3D, and pattern pillow covers and quilts with the stain bedding sets. Moreover, for a more monotonous look, you can add the matching curtains as well.

      Features of poly-cotton bedding sets:

      Our luxury cotton bedding sets vary significantly in designs, sizes, and color schemes. These designs and color schemes are according to the latest trends so you can buy the poly cotton bedding sets from our wide range with ease without consuming time and money. These bedding sets are available at cheap and affordable rates. We offer you the poly-cotton beddings made from the original and high quality fabric material only, which in turn gives the bedding sets softness and longevity.

      As for bedding designs, we offer you a beautiful floral, flower, jacquard, check, and plain bedding sets. these designs are finely made and provide a neat finishing. We provide the latest color schemes which will lighten up your interior and make your bedroom look beautiful and elegant. It is worth noting that we have all the standard sizes of bedding sets, including the king size and super king size bedding sets. 

      Why oxford homeware?

      Oxford homeware is the best online store, and the customers also say so. We have many happy and satisfied customers who frequently return to buy their desired products from our website. Our product’s high quality, color schemes, and beautiful designs make them stand out and being loved by our customers. You can also enjoy the same experience of successful shopping by visiting our store. We also provide the bedding set details along with each set. These details include the bedding size availability, color schemes, bedding sizes, bedding designs, and washing instructions.

      So feel free to browse our website & search for your favorite bedding sets. We are available 24/7 to take your orders and serve you.