Plain Dyed Fitted Sheets


      One fitted bottom sheet is included with Plain Dyed Fitted Sheets. Their Ultra-Soft Luxury Fitted Sheet is constructed of a durable, breathable, and high-quality double-brushed cotton fabric. Our colorfast technology was used to assure that the brilliant color will not fade even after many washes. Deep pockets of plain bed sheets expertly created with a fully elastic bottom edge embrace any mattress for a secure fit. Simple to maintain: Tumble dry on low and machine washable. There's no need to iron this.

      Long-term expense

      Plain bed sheets are approximately 20% more expensive to purchase and maintain due to their elastic-banded corners. However, some fitted sheets lose their flexibility after multiple items of washing. As a result, plain dye bedding useful life is frequently substantially shorter than that of a flat sheet. Fitted sheets provide the largest advantage in terms of labor cost since they can be placed on a mattress more quickly and frequently without raising the mattress corner. Processing.

      Washing Ease

      Fitted sheets are more difficult to wash than flat sheets. Though they can be pressed via a flat iron roller, fitted sheets can block automatic folding systems, necessitating hand folding. Plain dye bedding doesn’t stack uniformly or smoothly, making storage, transportation, and handling difficult.

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