Plain Curtains


      Plain Curtains

      Plain curtains are a subtle addition to any place, either home, office, or hotel. They look beautiful and never go out of trend. Plain curtains have an excellent ability to go well with any interior. They can be made into any curtain’s style, length, and color. They come in both bold and neutral shades to complement your place. You can use a single colored plain curtain or multi-colored plain curtains, whatever goes well with your place. Plain red curtains look royal and add a bold statement, similarly plain grey curtains create a soothing effect, and plain blue curtains create a Picasso effect & bring the blue era back.

      At Oxford Homeware, we offer you a variety of plain curtains for your homes, offices, hotels, & nurseries. Our plain curtains provide the properties of blackout curtains as well. For instance, they help in blocking noise, providing a perfect blackout, and save energy. We offer the embossed and chenille plain curtains too.

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      The Oxford Homeware is indeed the best online store that believes in the quality of the products it delivers to the customers. We always work for the customer’s satisfaction and look for ways to please you and meet your requirements. We have a wide range of collections when it comes to buying the plain curtains. we offer you the grey, sparkle grey, beige, caramel, blue, brown, burgundy, red, & dusty pink plain curtains in 46″ x 54″ ,  “46 x 72″ , 66″ x 54″ , 66″ x 72″ , 66″ x 84″ , 66″ x 90″ , 90″ x 54″ ,90″ x 72″ , 90″ x 90″ , 90″ x 108” sizes.

      Our plain curtains also come in damask prints. We offer the eyelet and pencil pleat heading styles for plain curtains. We also have both lined and unlined curtains for you to select the one according to your choice. Visit our website today & find the best quality plain curtains for your place to treat your windows & doors. We eagerly wait to book your orders & answer your queries 24/7. So feel free to contact us right away!

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