Pink Rugs


      Pink Rugs

      Rugs help in creating the best flooring, they not only soften the floor but also add beauty to the existing look. They complete the look and make it look well organized and artistically designed. Pink rugs are a great way to balance the sharpness of the place and add a feminine touch to your place. Pink rugs brighten up space and turn the dull and lifeless places into a lively ones. Moreover, the pink rugs do not overdo and look extravagant. The pink color creates a soothing effect and makes you feel fresh by relaxing the nerves and mind. Moreover, they absorb the noise and help in creating a soundproof and peaceful place. So if currently, you have been looking for pink rugs, Oxford Homeware is the best online rugs store when it comes to pink rugs.

      Types  Available

      We have a wide range of pink rugs in stock. These rugs are made under the close watch of our experts and result in high-quality rugs. Our pink rugs have soft, thick, and dense piles which increase their functionality and offer a soft and comfortable surface where you can walk, lay, and play with your kids and pets. Moreover, our rugs are tightly woven which makes the shedding unlikely and retain their texture for years. Our pink rugs will brighten up your space and create a unique look. Their characteristic pink color helps them to fit into the existing interior and inject a softness to the surrounding. They’ll bring a beautiful look and texture all over when laid appropriately. Aesthetically, the pink color will outshine in your interior and emanate a rich texture.

      Here’s what makes Oxford Homeware’s pink rugs a popular choice?

      High-quality raw material and sophisticated processing techniques: We truly believe in quality instead of quantity and that is why we put endless efforts to ensure the high quality of our rugs. Our rugs are made on power looms with 100% pure polypropylene yarn. The whole process is conducted by our professional manufacturers and is observed by the experts to ensure the best quality of our rugs. This results in tightly woven, uniformly textured, and thickly piled rugs. Our rugs are durable and last for the year even if they are used extensively.

      • Carefully dyed: Our pink rugs are dyed at the manufacturing stage so that the color sits in the fibers and stays there forever. It makes the color reliable and unlikely to fade. Also, the pink color of our rugs offer is appealing and well-balanced.

      • Functionality: Our pink rugs offer freshness & a soothing effect. They are not for bedroom use only, you can use them in hallways, entrance halls, galleries, kid’s rooms, and living rooms. They look equally beautiful & glamorous everywhere accomplishing the goal of sophistication and minimalism.

      • Size availability: we offer five different sizes to help you create the appropriate and snuggle fit. Our pink rug’s sizes vary from 2ftx7.3ft to 5.3ftx7.3ft. So take your time to read and view our rugs & make a wise move by placing us the order.


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