Orange Rugs


      Orange Rugs

      When it comes to home, the decoration is paid great importance. With appropriately designed interior modern, contemporary, classic, or chic appeal can be obtained depending on your taste and mood. Bold colored area rugs play an important role and allow you to create the desired look effortlessly. Orange rugs are a quicker way to attract viewers and create a warm ambiance. They drag the attention and balance the sharpness of furnishing and other accessories. They hide imperfections and benefit with their warning and appeal. Orange rugs enhance the interior even more and also soften the hardness of the floor providing you with a soft underfoot surface. The orange color contributes to the interior and enhances its features. They add beauty to your place and bring instant opulence to feel and create a soft and beautiful appeal.


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      To buy the orange rugs online, Oxford Homeware is the best online store to visit. We are professional manufacturers and retailers who have been in the interior designing industry for the last decades. Our team of experts and manufacturers put all possible efforts to bring the latest and up-to-date designs for you. The organizational efforts have earned us customers' love and satisfaction. We offer shaggy orange rugs for our valued customers. They are hard-wearing and non-shedding. Plus, our orange rugs have reliable colors that are unlikely to fade. Our rugs withstand heavy traffic and excessive usage retaining their soft and smooth texture. They prove a subtle addition to any place and effortlessly become the focal point without overpowering the other features. Despite all these features, our orange rugs are available at affordable prices for our valued customers. Take your time to read the details of our orange rugs given below.

      High-quality yarn and carefully controlled processing: We have mass production of orange rugs but each piece is carefully watched to ensure that you get the high-quality rugs only. We use 100% polypropylene yarn as the raw material because it offers softness, comfort, and durability. This yarn is processed on the power looms by experts who have been thriving in the industry for years. This results in a tightly woven fine rug with an astonishingly soft and uniform texture. Our orange rugs have thick noodles-like piles which offer comfort and warmth properties. These rugs are suitable for balancing the temperature as well.

      Types  Available

      Dying process: Our rugs are dyed during the manufacturing process. This helps the rugs to hold the dyes strongly in the fibers and makes the fading process unlikely. That's why the color of our rugs withstand heavy traffic, excessive use, sun exposure, and frequent washing.

      NOTE: Bleaching agents, chemical whiteners, softeners, warm water, and harsh detergents destroy the fibers and fade the colors.

      Size availability: We offer a wide range of sizes so that you can find a perfect-sized orange rug for your space that creates a snuggly fit and compliment the available space. Our size range varies from 60x110cm to 240x320cm.