Ochre Window Curtains


      Our ochre window curtains have the ability to rapidly attract attention, evoke specific moods, or even alter behavior and well-being. Oxford Homeware ochre crushed velvet rich curtain collection comes in a variety of opulent tones to decorate your home's major windows.

      *We only have crushed velvet curtains in Ochre Colour*

      Our two-tone crushed velvet ochre curtains will add a sophisticated touch to your space, which may be accented by adding matching filled furnishings. They possess the following features;

      Royal look

      Our ochre curtains 90x90 add majestic and royal elegance to modern designs. You may have observed that castles or other royal settings often have crushed velvet curtains, and installing them tall and wide against a dark interior tends to make space appear more luxurious and formal.

      Complete protection

      Our heavy and dense ochre window curtains prevent light from reaching the house from the outside. You can use them to create a night’s darkness throughout the day and sleep soundly and block out the glare of bright lights at night. This option (Our blackout, embossed blackout, & thermal curtains) is especially useful if you have children or elderly parents at home, and if you working night shifts.

      Regulate the temperature

      As the winter bells ring and things begin to frost, Our heavy curtains become a useful accessory. The same as blackout curtains, the dense and compact ochre window curtains online combined with the texture, insulates the space against draughts. They are also useful in the summer since they keep thermals from entering your home and keep the cold air from entering.

      We also have a range of