Mauve Quilted Bedspreads


      Mauve is a color associated with decadence, freshness, and beauty. With the mood swings of a darker purple, it conjures sentiments of innocence and devotion. The color mauve conjures up images of regeneration and springtime. Our mauve quilted bedspread is a compact, ornamental bed covering that can be used alone or with a blanket in colder weather. 

      During the summertime, our bedspreads are perfect bed coverings, and in the winter season, they provide a stylish touch to your bed.

      The benefits of our bedspreads are discussed here:

      • Our dusty mauve bedspreads are constructed from the finest fabrics available. The stuffing is 220 Holofiber, as well as the outer layer, is 100 percent microfiber. High-quality materials ensure that our product lasts longer and that your bed is comfier.
      • That's right, you read it accurately. We think that a bedspread isn't complete without matching patterned pillows, which is why we've decided to add them for free!
      • Our dusty mauve bedspreads come in a variety of stunning designs. Our patchwork styles come in a variety of colors like purple quilted bedspreads, and our floral designs are stunning. Furthermore, they are totally reversible which means you get two bedspreads for both the price of one! Isn't that the ideal gift or addition to your home?

      Our mauve quilted bedspreads are hand washable; you may even press them on medium heat, despite the fact that the great fabrics don't wrinkle easily.

      We also have a range of