Light Blue Blankets


      Light Blue Blankets

      Simple and neutral-colored blankets like light blue and off-white blankets create a soft and spacious look. They are the perfect match for creating a contemporary interior in a minimalist yet traditional way. The light blue blanket or light blue throws added either to the bed, sofa, or chair add a charming and chic look. For a more decorative and trending look, you can add matching rugs, cushions, and pillows along with the light blue blankets. Buying neutral and light-colored blankets has never been an easy task. Because they are not accessible at many online stores and home decor retailers.

      We the Oxford Homeware, understand your needs and therefore offer you neutral light blue blankets of high quality. Our store has a skilled and qualifies team that puts great effort and works endlessly for making new designs that are up to the mark. Moreover, we use highly sophisticated techniques for making our blankets, which offer a soft pile. These blankets are soft and super smooth to touch and provide excellent comfort. The colors and designs are finely made and have neat finishing that makes your bedding or sofa sets unbelievably soft and elegant.

      Features of Oxford Homeware’s light blue blankets:

      Our light blue blankets are super soft, luxurious, and smooth. They are made from 100% pure faux fur polyester. This fabric material provides softness and durability to the blankets. Moreover, these blankets are warm and exhibit excellent thermal insulation properties. They create a cozy and warm environment that is perfect for a night’s sleep. Our blankets are eco-friendly & the high-quality & fine stitching fascinate the viewers.

      We have plain fluffy blankets when it comes to designs. They have anti-pilling properties that keep them fresh as new even after consistent use & multiple washes. You can regularly wash the blankets in the washing machine. As for the sizes, we offer double & king-size light blue blankets at cheap & affordable rates.

      Tips to make the blankets last longer:

      Blankets that are made from high-quality fabric materials have a long life, but if they are cared for appropriately, their lifespan can be increased. Here are the quick tips that will help you keep your light blue blankets fresh as new:

      Keep the eating stuff out from your blanket as the lighter shades tend to get stained and dirty quickly. Do not eat with your blanket on. And if there happens to be any stain, wash it immediately with a mild soap/detergent and cold water. Avoid using harsh chemicals. If the stain does not go, use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean it.

      Do not wash the dark-colored blankets with light and neutral shaded blankets. Wash and dry each blanket separately.

      How to buy it?

      Oxford Homeware has a user-friendly website, which makes the buying process super easy. All you need is to select the desired blanket, click to add it to the cart. Our team, on the other end, will take your order immediately.