Grey Eyelet Velvet Curtains


      Our grey velvet curtains are luxuriously smooth with a velvety texture that complements all interior accent hues. Our luxury grey velvet curtains are very soft, have a thick pile, and are available in a variety of distinctive colors.  They are sure to produce wonderful window coverings for the features they possess. The soft simple velvet surface adds a classic accent to any room.

      Features of grey velvet curtains are discussed below:
      Royal appearance

      The plain grey velvet grey curtains have the best reputation for being heavy, their weight is part of what makes them so luxurious. Make your grey velvet curtains pencil pleat to fall on the floor like molten silver for a look that will make heiresses crazy.

      Energy saving

      Our grey velvet curtains block out sunlight during the hot summers and freezing winters and protect your home, lowering your energy expenditure. Sure, sheers are classy and elegant, but in your master bedroom, match them with grey velvet curtains for complete solitude and a good night's sleep.


      Our grey velvet curtains have a sumptuous sense to them, it may offer to glam up a room's classic look, making it feel more polished and matured. They offer a more modest and relaxed setting, where its gentle touch may provide a soothing and welcoming atmosphere

      We also have a range of