Grey Rugs


      Grey Rugs

      Grey rugs are a popular choice. They fit well into any interior and look stylish. Grey rugs depict sophistication and add a perfect base when playing with different colors. Most people say that grey is a gloomy color, but grey rugs are much more modern and prove a subtle addition to any place. They get along with the existing interior and allow you to balance the sharpness of your interior and other accessories creating a more balancing look. Grey rugs with striking geometrical patterns go well in the traditional setting and create a warm ambiance.

      Types  Available

      So, if you are in search of grey rugs recently, visit Oxford Homeware rugs to find contemporary grey rugs. Our rugs are made by professional manufacturers under the supervision of our experts and offer the finest finishing. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. Our grey rugs are durable and strong. They can be used both indoor and outdoor. Additionally, they have a soft and thick pile which creates a soft and warm surface underfoot and the cab bears heavy traffic. You can add our grey rugs anywhere in the house like the entrance Hall, hallways, living rooms, drawing rooms, bedrooms, and sunrooms. Moreover, we offer both darker and lighter shades to help you create a perfect color-balancing look.

      Features of our grey rugs:

      High-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene yarn for making the rugs that are processed on the power looms. Polypropylene offers softness, comfort, and durability. Our rugs are tightly woven, appear uniform, and feel smooth when touched.

      • Designs & color scheme: grey comes in many hues, each creating a unique and characteristic look. That’s why we offer both the darker and the lighter hues to help you create a warm and soft look respectively. The dyes are added at the processing stage which likely holds the dye into fibers forever & does not let it fade due to heavy traffic or sun exposure. And for designs, we have plain and Havana geometric patterned grey rugs in stock. Both of these designs create a contemporary look and allow you to personalize your space.

      • Easy buying: Despite the features discussed above, our grey rugs are available at affordable rates for our valued customers. So that you can make an easy purchase & decorate your interior without stressing the budget.


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