Green Rugs


      If you love playing with bold and fresh colors and experimenting with various looks. Now is the best time to add green to your interior. The best way to introduce the green color to your interior is in the form of green rugs. They prove to be a subtle addition to your interior and create a refreshing and aesthetic appeal. Other than adding an artistic touch green rugs come with additional benefits. Most important of all they are the best way to hide the imperfections of the floor and make the flooring intriguing. They create a cooling and soothing effect, unlike the red, black or brown rugs that tend to create a warming effect. Green rugs help you to experience a sense of freshness, sophistication, & richness.

      If you are currently looking for a green rug, visit Oxford Homeware. We have the softest and densely piled green rugs in our stock. We are the best place where you can make a hassle-free purchase. Our green rugs are top-notch and stand out when it comes to quality. Most importantly, these rugs are locally made by our experts and ensure the best quality. Our rugs are strong, durable, and hard-wearing. They withstand the heavy-traffic and sun exposure. You fill your entrance hallways, living rooms, drawing rooms, sunroom, & hallways with sophistication, freshness, and calmness. Our green rugs are soft and smooth and offer you the soft underfoot surface supporting you to walk, exercise, and play on your hardwood and marble floors. Moreover, our rugs are non-shedding and retain their soft texture for years even if they have been used excessively. Despite our green rugs are very functional and offer you many benefits, they are available at affordable rates allowing you to make a budget-friendly purchase.

      Here’s what makes our green rugs outshine:

      High-quality fabric material and sophisticated processing techniques: There is much raw material used for making the rugs, wool, polyester, and propylene are among a few of the famous raw materials. We use 100% polypropylene yarn which is processed on power looms. This results in high-quality, soft, fine, and thick rugs. The manufacturing process is watched by our experts who ensure that each fibre is tightly woven and appears uniform and even.

      Carefully controlled dying process: We dye our rugs during the manufacturing process so that each of the fibre absorbs the dye and holds it tightly. This results in reliable coloured rugs. For this reason, the colour of our rugs do not fade and stay fresh as new even after the consistent use and heavy traffic.

      Size availability: we have a wide range of size when it comes to our green rugs. These sizes are approximate and are made to fit into all kinds of spaces. We have five different sizes in our stock. These sizes vary from 2x7.6ft to 5.3x7.3ft.

      So, have a look at our stock of green rugs, book your favourite green rug right away & become one of our happy & satisfied customers. We are available 24/7 to take your orders.