Flannel Blankets


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      Flannel Blankets

      Flannel is a woven fabric and exhibits excellent thermal properties. It can hold and trap the hot air, which makes this fabric material useful for making blankets and throws, bedding sets, and thermal curtains. The napping and warming ratios differ significantly when it comes to flannel blankets. The flannel fabric material is often combined with other fabric material to make blankets that offer some extra features and help to enhance the warmth, strength, napping, and flexibility. Flannel blankets are super functional that makes them ever trending. Flannel blankets come in a large variety of color schemes, woven techniques, designs, sizes, and price ranges.

      Best place to buy flannel blankets:

      Oxford Homeware is one of those online stores that offer a wide range of flannel blankets. Each of our workers put considerable effort into manufacturing and designing the flannel blankets. We use highly sophisticated processing techniques for making the blankets that turn out to be super soft and smooth.

      So cover your beds with our luxuriously soft and durable blankets. You can buy flannel blankets in all colors from our store and match them with your bedding set. Other than blankets, we also offer you flannel throws to match your blankets and decorate your sofas and chairs artfully.

      Features of Oxford Homeware’s flannel blankets:

      Fabric material: Oxford Homeware offers you an exciting series of flannel blankets. Our flannel blankets are durable and robust. We use 100% pure polyester for making the blankets, which contributes to their longevity and easy maintenance. Moreover, our blankets have neat and fine finishing and stitching that will help you create clean and tidy bedding.

      • Color schemes: we have an exciting range of vibrant and colorful blankets. That will make your place lively with its beautiful design and bold colors. As the blankets are always in use and are in body touch, so there is always a chance of absorbing the body moisture and other body fluids that will make them appear dirty. That is why we offer you the blankets in bold colors. Our color schemes include burgundy, red, navy blue, purple, mustard, coffee color, brown, grey, chocolate, and deep green color.

      • Designs: we use computerized and laser techniques for designing our blankets that result in neat and very fine design. As for the design’s pattern, we offer you the latest design. Our design range comprises floral & 3D prints.

      • Warmth and thermal insulation: We provide heavy flannel blankets to our valued customers. Due to the 100% pure fabric material and heavyweight, they offer excellent thermal insulation, thus keeping you warm or cold and chilly nights. Not that our blankets are not so heavy to cause suffocation and make you feel pressure.

      • Easy maintenance: these flannel blankets are easy to maintain. You can wash them in the washing machine as well as dry them by a drying machine like other clothing items.

      So, to enjoy all these benefits browse our website today & place us an order right away!