Duck Egg Quilted Bedspreads


      The gentle feminine florals and attractive pastel hues of our jacquard duck egg quilted bedspread are a lovely combination. The light blue base of the duck egg colorway is brought to life with a geometric pattern & lovely floral blooms. Duck egg blue quilted bedspread sets from Oxford Homeware are available in a variety of common sizes to fit all bedrooms in your house.

      Features of Oxford Homeware duck egg quilted bedspreads are discussed below:

      Suitable for all seasons

      Our bedspreads are suitable for usage in all seasons. In the summers, a lightweight duck egg quilted bedspread could be used as a comforter, and in the winter, it can provide you with a cozy deep sleep.

      Aesthetic appeal

      The fabric has a great appearance and feels to it. Our duck egg quilted jacquard bedspreads upper shell is padded with polyester. The aesthetic appeal of luxury duck egg microfiber bedspreads and jacquard bedspreads is attractive. Material gleams and always offers your bedroom a fashionable and attractive appearance.

      Weight & warmness

      Blankets & comforters are insulated, give greater warmth, and seem to be heavy than bedspreads. While our duck egg quilted bedspreads are warm, it is suitable for all weather. The duck egg quilted bedspreads are light in weight, however, they may vary.

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