Charcoal Fitted Sheet


      Charcoal Fitted Sheet:

      Our charcoal fitted sheets are the must-have bedding accessories. There are no medical corners required; simply place it on your mattress and you're done. The  Fitted sheets at Oxford Homeware have elastic all the way around, not just at the sides, providing a nice comfortable fit that cannot get loose during the night. Choose our sheets because;

      It's simple to remove and clean:

      Our sheets are composed of cotton or natural fiber fabrics that do not need to be cleaned frequently. So they're reusable, there's no need to invest heavily in cleaning.

      simply remove one of the ends and then pull to remove the remaining sheet. When contrasting mattress coverings, which are bulky and difficult to change, this ease of removal makes the overall cleaning process much easier.

      It is incredibly Versatile: 

      Charcoal sheet sets are large enough and elasticized all over. These elastic bands are sewn on all four sides and serve to keep the sheets in place so that you can sleep in a rumple-free and pleasant environment. They don't just get off the mattress once it's been thoroughly removed. 

      In this case, we suggest that you use our fitted sheets to maintain your bed tidy. Our charcoal Fitted sheets are accessible in Oxford Homeware in several sizes, colors, and designs. When used with a suitable mattress, our charcoal double bedsheet should help your bed appear clean and pleasant to the eye.


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