Burgundy Curtains


      Most of the curtains in our burgundy curtains range consist of woven black-out, velvet, embossed, & jacquard curtains with a beautifully embossed texture design all over. These elegant burgundy curtains have been carefully created to improve your home's living experience, with thermal triple weave technology regulating the temperature. 

      Some salient features of our brown and Burgundy, and cream curtains include the following:


      The back of our burgundy curtains is made of the same material as the front; the top and bottom hems are 4 inches wide, and the side hems are 1 inch wide, giving them a more exquisite appearance.


      We offer eyelet curtains, crushed velvet curtains, floral curtains, & jacquard curtains in different colors & sizes. We also provide burgundy curtains with valance

      Thermal top design

      The thermal top is energy efficient, and it can filter up to 99 % of light and filter about 60 percent of outside noise. 

      Luxurious & Rich 

      The luscious long thick pile makes the fabric comfortable to the touch and provides the depth of the curtain a lush & fuller appearance. Our Plush Velvet curtains are available in over ten brilliant modern colors and have a subtle gloss.

      Premium Quality 

      We are fortunate to maintain the value & high quality while keeping the pricing low since we design, source, and manufacture all of our items ourselves. These panels are fully lined and feature a weighted hem that keeps them in place and allows them to hang elegantly.

      Noise Blocking And Temperature Insulating 

      Our Plush Velvet & blackout fabric features strong strands that stretch away from the base fabric to help with heat, cold, and sound transmission. The complete liner on these thick velvet panels adds insulation and richness.

      Stylish and Privacy Protection

      They have an ideal blend of design and privacy. They may easily mix in with your dining room, laundry room, kitchen, or any other area in your house.

      Bring our curtains to your place & enjoy all these features. Happy Shopping!