Brown Rugs


      Brown Rugs

      If you are thinking of replacing your existing rugs, it’s time to inject some earthy tones into your place. Brown is the best color for introducing an earthy tone. Brown rugs come in a large variety because of their immense popularity. It’s because brown rugs do not create a loud and bold impression and prove the best investment. Plus, brown rugs do not clash with the existing interior and blend perfectly. Brown rugs also look well with all interiors and upholstery items. So whether you are giving your space a modern, contemporary, or classical look brown rugs play their part. Additionally, brown rugs do not need to be replaced seasonally. So, if you are currently looking for brown rugs, visit Oxford Homeware.

      Oxford Homeware is a professional manufacturer and online retailer of home décor products. Our products include curtains, rugs, bedding sets, mat sets, and other home accessories. We proudly deliver high-quality products to our customers. All of our products are locally manufactured by our manufacturers under the close watch of our experts to ensure that you get high-quality products only. We tirelessly work to bring the new design and find new ways to make our products more reliable. AS far as our brown rugs are concerned, we offer a wide range of brown rugs, this includes shaggy and Havana brown rugs. Our rugs are hard-wearing, durable, soft, and smooth. They greatly improve the quality of air by filtering the dust particles, moisture, and dirt from the air. They also absorb excess noise and provide you with a calmer and peaceful place. Despite all these qualities, our brown rugs are available at cheap and affordable rates for our valued customers.

      Take your time to have a look at our brown rugs and read their detailed features given below…

      Types  Available

      High-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene yarn for making our rugs. This yarn is processed on the power looms and results in the finest, softest, and smoothest rugs that are unlikely to pill and shed. Our rugs withstand heavy traffic and retain their soft and uniform texture. Also, their dense and thick pile allows you to play, play, and walk on freely. They provide a perfect place for playing with your pets and kids.

      Latest and trending design: Noodles like thick piles are trending these days that is why we offer you thick piled brown rugs. Our densely piled brown rugs come as shaggy rugs and Havana rugs. The shaggy rugs are plain whereas the Havana rugs contain geometrical patterns which are made by computerized techniques and offer the finest and uniform appearance. We also offer multi-colored brown rugs, this includes black, teal, red, and beige colors combined with brown color.


      1. Living Room Rugs
      2. Runners Rugs

      Size availability: We offer eight different sizes when it comes to our brown rugs to help you find the best size rug for your place. This size range varies from 60x110cm to 240x320 cm rugs.