Blue Eyelet Velvet Curtains


      Blue has a spiritual meaning of cold, calm, and grounding. It is the exact opposite of red, which indicates heat and light, and it depicts cold water and air. Blue always feels amazing when it comes to fabrics. Blue interiors & soft furnishings always look luxurious and toasty. To add blue to your interiors our blue eyelet velvet curtains are very useful and a simple way to glam up the room.

      The benefits of our curtains are discussed below:
      Block heat and sound

      When the winter bells ring and things start to frost, at that time our blue crushed velvet curtains appear to be a helpful accessory. The thick and soft material protects the space from draughts. Our navy blue velvet eyelet curtains are also useful in the summer since they keep the hot air out and prevent energy escape from interiors.

      Sunlight Filtering and Privacy

      The thick and soft fabric prevents sunlight from reaching the room from the outside. Our ready-made eyelet dark blue velvet dark blue curtains can filter up to 99% of sunlight from all directions (naturally occurring) and give full darkness. You can use it to not only produce a night's darkness throughout the day and sleep soundly. They also help to block out the glare of flashlights.

      Soft Furnishing Protector

      Sun damage to soft products and furniture can cause them to wear out prematurely by shortening their normal lifespan and fading the color. It is likely to necessitate routine cleaning and extra care, but now with our blue velvet curtains in the UK in the home, regular cleaning is no longer needed. 

      We also have a range of