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Black Rugs

When selecting the rugs for our place, colors, design, rugs size, and design play an important part. Colors are most crucial among all, if chosen wisely they can totally make up the room. Playing with the colors is fun especially when it comes to dark hues. Currently, if you have been looking for ways to decorate your place in a limited budget, add a darker and bold rug to it. Darker and bold rugs prove a subtle addition to your place and grab the attention of viewers. Black rugs are a good go-to as they pull the unique and stylish look together. Black rugs carry many advantages as well, for instance, they do not need regular maintenance because of their tendency to absorb stains. Black rugs will also warm up your space by trapping the heat & provide you guard against the draughts. Moreover, they look extremely beautiful and luxurious.

So, improved by the features, if you are looking for a high-quality black rug for your place. Come to Oxford Homeware, we are professional manufacturers of rugs who have been working in the industry for years. Our crew has a team of experts, professional manufacturers, and creative team members who leave no stone unturned in creating new designs and improving the quality of our products. Due to this reason, we have been working successfully for the last two decades. Our rugs are incredibly soft, smooth, and comfortable. They provide warmth and make your place cozy. Our black rugs also absorb noise and provide you with a peaceful and silent room. All these qualities make our black rugs stand out. Irrespective of the features described above, we provide these black rugs at cheap and affordable rates so that you can easily style up your place. Below are given a few of the important features of our black rugs, keep on reading to find out…

Features of Oxford Homeware’s black rugs:

High-quality raw material: We believe in the quality of our products which is why we focus on the quality more than the quantity. Our rugs are made on the power looms by 100% pure polypropylene yarn. This makes our rugs soft, strong, & durable. Our rugs are tightly woven and ensure the even and uniform texture which can be felt when touched. This makes a perfectly soft and comfortable underfoot surface.

Reliable color: Our black rugs have reliable color that is unlike to fade whether you use them indoor or outdoor. They are dyed while manufacturing which helps to hold the dye in the fibers and prevent fading regardless of the heavy traffic, sun exposure, and excessive use.

As for designs, we have shaggy and Havana rugs in stock. The shaggy black rugs are single-colored whereas our Havana rugs are multi-colored and have a combination of cream, grey, blue, red and beige colors.

Available sizes: We have the black rugs in eight different sizes which varies from 60x110cm to 240x4320cm. Note that all the available sizes are approximate.