Beige Rugs


      Beige Rugs

      If you want to create tranquillity in your space, consider muted & neutral tones. These hues can be added in the form of rugs, home accessories, or curtains. Or if you want to balance the sharpness of your existing interior, neutral tones i.e., grey, beige, cream, or duck egg play an important part. For a limited budget, opt for beige rugs, because they blend well with every interior and help to elevate the present look. Beige rugs create a classically calming & comforting effect. Moreover, they do not overpower the features of your interior & prove to have an amazing effect on the overall look.

      Types  Available

      So, if inspired by these features you are looking for a beige rug to complement your existing interior, Oxford Homeware is the best online store to visit. We are the professional manufacturers & retailers who have been dealing with home décor products for decades. With years of experience, we’ve been playing our part in introducing new rug designs. Also, our crew members, professional manufacturers, & expert designers work together to ensure the color schemes, pattern, & design of our rugs complement your existing space. Take your time to read the features of our beige rugs & make a wise decision.

      Features of Oxford Homeware’s beige rugs:

      High-quality fabric material: We use 100% polypropylene for making our rugs. This raw material is processed on power looms under carefully controlled methods. It results in soft, durable, hard-wearing, anti-pilling, and non-shedding rugs. Our beige rugs are incredibly soft and provide a warm and soft underfoot surface.

      Color scheme and designs: Our beige rugs are available as single-colored and multicolored rugs. Our multi-colored beige rugs are a perfect blend of complementary colors, this includes black, cream, and brown colors. These dyes are added at the manufacturing stage which helps to hold the colors in the fibers and make the fading process unlikely. As for designs, we offer both plain and geometric patterns. Our geometric Havana beige rugs have rectangular and square patterns perfectly blend to give a uniform appearance.


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      2. Runners Rugs

      Size availability: Not the same sized rug can be used for all places. That is why we offer beige rugs in different sizes so that you can buy any of the sizes according to your needs. From our store, you can buy 60x110cm to 240x320cm rugs. Also, we offer both shaggy and Havana rugs.

      Other functionalities: our beige rugs are incredibly soft and smooth offering you a soft underfoot surface. They also perfectly hide the imperfections of the floor providing warmth and coolness at the same time. They do not show pilling and prove to be hard-wearing. Moreover, our beige rugs can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

      Easy maintenance: Our rugs are easy to maintain and care for. They are stain-resistant, anti-allergenic, and non-shedding can be washed regularly.

      Despite all features described above, our beige rugs are available at cheap and affordable rates. So, browse our website today and make a purchase right away!