Bedroom Rugs


      We spend nearly 33% of our time in bed which means in our bedroom. Therefore bedrooms need to be cozy and warm providing you the next level of comfort. As soon as the winter starts and the temperature falls, bare floors become a headache. So the question is what to add to make your bedrooms cozier and practical. Bedrooms rugs are the best go-to when it comes to treating your floor. They add a touch of color and help you turn your bedroom into a place you never wish to leave. Bedroom rugs are a great way to protect your floor saving it from sunlight, UV radiations, and moisture. They'll also help you personalize the bedroom with their beautiful designs, patterns, and shapes. Bedroom rugs will define the space and cover the uneven and weary places efficiently. With bedroom rugs, you are allowed to lay a foundation of colors and decor the place according to your taste. Like adding floral, Persian, polka-dotted, Havana, or Isfahan rugs are an easy way to spruce up your bedroom and make it artistically designed and more comfortable. The velvety and soft-touch makes the rugs a subtle addition to your place by adding a blast of color.

      So if you are currently in search of bedroom rugs, Oxford Homeware is here to cease your search and reward you with the high quality and unique rugs. Our bedroom rugs are a lifetime investment offering you exceptional durability and smoothness. These rugs are processed on power looms and offer the finest and perfect finishing. Our finest quality rugs are available at cheap and affordable rates and offer you a hassle-free buying. 

      Our bedroom rugs have earned a good reputation due to their splendor designs, durability, and core schemes. Additionally, the sizes of our high-quality rugs make them fit into any bedroom. We do not compromise on the quality of our rugs even though they are made at a large scale. Our bedroom rugs softness, brilliance, and ultimate pleasure will compel you to make the purchase and we guarantee that every penny you'll spend will be a worthy investment.

      Features of our bedroom rugs:

      Take time to read the features of our bedroom rugs that are given below:

      Fabric material: we use 100% polypropylene for making our bedroom rugs to provide you with high quality and durable rugs. 

      Latest designs: we use the latest design schemes which offer you to design the bedroom according to your preferences. Our plain rugs will help you to meet the requirement of minimalist fashion trends. Also, our geometric patterned Havana rugs are the best go-to for adding a blend of colors to the place.

      Size availability: not everyone has a same-sized bedroom, some have single, king size, or super king-size place. Which is why the bedroom rugs must a size that fits well into the available space. We realize your needs and therefore offer you the bedroom rugs in five different sizes varying from 2x7.6 ft to 5x3.3 ft.