80 x 300 Rugs


      80 x 300 Rugs

      Rugs are an instant and effortless way to transform your place. Rugs not only change the appearance of your room but also bring many fruitful advantages. Rugs are an easy matter to decor your interior & prove to be multitasking. They enhance the features of the interior, hide the imperfections, and create a chic and formal feel. They change the appearance of your floor on a limited budget especially hallways and entrance halls. They lighten up the darker interiors and fill up your place with a mixed tone. They bring versatility and allow you to mix up your various trending designs. If you are looking for 80x300 rugs for your place to treat your spacious hallways, drawing rooms, bedrooms, or entrance hallways.

      Types  Available

      We the Oxford Homeware are here to cease your search and provide you with the best quality 80×300 rugs. We manufacture our rugs in Turkey under the supervision of our experts to ensure the high quality and fine finishing of rugs. We have a number of professional manufacturers and creative team members who put endless efforts into creating new designs and provide you with top-notch rugs only. We have been working in the industry for the last two decades and earning love and satisfaction from our valued clients. Oxford Homeware offers you a wide range of designs and color schemes of 80×300 rugs to change your flooring design and add a pop of color. The thick and dense pile of our shaggy and Havana rugs bring comfort and warmth underfoot. They create an everlasting impression on the viewers and help you make a welcoming place. Continue reading to find out more about our 80x300 rugs:

      Features of 80x300 rugs:

      High-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene for making our 80x300 rugs. This material is processed on power looms under the supervision of our experts and results in the finest, softest, and smoothest rugs. Our rugs are hard-wearing, anti-slipping, and non-shedding offering a longer life & saving you money.

      Vibrant colors: We dye our rugs while manufacturing them, which allows the colors to sit and hold the fibers tightly. AS a result, the color does not fade despite the heavy traffic and excessive outdoor usage. We offer ten different eye-catching colors to our valued customers. These colors include both darker and lighter hues allowing you to choose any of them according to our requirements.

      Available designs: minimalism is trending, people are more toward keeping things simple. And we realize the trending styles and offer you the plain and simple geometric patterned rugs. our plain shaggy rugs are soft and offer a thick pile whereas the geometric patterned Havana rugs have a smoother texture and thin pile. Plain shaggy rugs are recommended for indoor use, while the Havana rugs can be used both indoor & outdoor.


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      Despite the durability, reliable color schemes, latest designs, and high-quality raw material, our 80x300 rugs are available at affordable rates throughout the UK. So, feel free and make a purchase right away!