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Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy
Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy
Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy
Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy
Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy
Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy

Jacquard Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Burgundy

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Give a royal touch to your room with these luxury Jacquard eyelet curtains. Each curtain has an attractive, sophisticated gold stencil jacquard design, bringing an air of elegance to any room. These curtains complement the modern and traditional decor and will suit any decor style. These luxury curtains are made from high-quality jacquard fabric and are complete with a stunning metallic eyelet heading style. The quality of these curtains is impressive, as you would expect from a pair costing double the price! The jacquard fabric has an intricate pattern and is thick enough to give you privacy but still allows a small amount of sunlight to filter in. You will find the different sizes available that goes perfectly well against all standard window sizes.


  • Included:  Two Panels & Two Back Ties 
  • Sizes: 46" x 54", 66" X 54", 66" X 72", 90" x 72", 90" x 90", & 90" x 108"
  • Material: Jacquard.
  • Quality: 220GSM.
  • Washing instructions: Dry clean only.
    When you're looking for bold, bright, and fancy curtains, there's really no better choice than jacquard curtains by Oxford Homeware.
    - Stunning look: These curtains are made of jacquard fabric which gives them a stunning look. They will be the best choice if you plan to buy ready-made curtains that are both luxurious and beautiful.
    - Keeps privacy: These jacquard curtains offer privacy and do not let light pass through them. They also help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer so they can save you money on heating bills.

    Stylish eyelet heading style

    The jacquard curtains by Oxford Homeware come in an eyelet ring header that makes them many folds more stylish than any other ordinary curtain heading style. The metal rings at the top give a more luxurious drape and make the opening and closing pretty easy and noiseless.

    High-end material and beautiful design

    - Oxford Homeware presents these gorgeous jacquard curtains made exclusively from Jacquard fabric using an intricate weaving process that creates a multidimensional pattern on the surface of the fabric. This process allows beautiful stencil patterns and designs to be created—all without needing to print or embroider anything onto the curtain.
    - In addition, these curtains are made with a special lining that helps regulate room temperature (keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer). Our high-end jacquard curtains come with two tie-back that accompanies them.

    Gorgeous Colors

    Oxford Homeware offers a new line of jacquard curtains. These beautiful curtains can make any room beautiful and elevated. Our exclusive Jacquard curtains are available in 7 different colors in gorgeous stencil design, giving them an incredible and regal patterned appearance. They are available in black, burgundy, cream, blue, teal, gold, and chocolate.

    Multiple Sizes

    Oxford Homeware is a trusted online brand that offers its customers a wide range of sizes in every product to choose what they need for a place. We offer our customers six different sizes of these jacquard curtains so that you can pick according to your window and door sizes.

    Washing Guide

    To ensure the luxurious and super luxe shine of the jacquard fabric, our professional manufacturers advised drying clean these curtains. Machine washing can cause wearing off the delicate fabric and its indicated jacquard design. However, dry cleaning will help keep its delicacy and endurability for longer.