60 x 220 Rugs


      60 x 220 Rugs

      If you are thinking of renovating your place but have limited resources, go for rugs blindly. Rugs are the ultimate source of redecorating your place on a limited budget. An area rug is the best option for changing the interior of your place & make it look different. There come hundreds of designs and color schemes of rugs & are perfectly relevant to the interior. They create an aesthetic appeal by adding a touch of colors and texture. The texture, design, color schemes, and the size of rugs resonate with the interior and create an extra sense of characteristic appeal. Not the same sized rugs fit to everywhere, so you need an appropriately sized rug if you don’t want to ruin the look of your place.

      Types  Available

      So, if you are currently in search of 60x220 rugs, visit the Oxford Homeware in the first place and save your time. We are the professional manufacturers and retailers of home décor products. All of our team members and experts put all possible efforts to bring new designs and high-quality products for our valued customers. We guarantee high-quality products and make sure that each piece meets the best quality standard. To assure the quality, each rug is made under the close watch of our experts and professional manufacturers. Mass production does not influence the quality of rugs. Having our 60x220 rugs on floors will be a subtle addition to your place.

      Here’s why you should go for the oxford home ware’s 60x220 rugs?

      Our rugs are made from high-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene for manufacturing the rugs which are processed on the power looms and offer a laser-cut finishing. Our rugs have a soft and thick pile, appear uniform, and withstand heavy traffic. Moreover, durability & strength are the key factors of our rugs. Our quality raw material and sophisticated processing techniques make the pilling and shedding unlikely.

      Color schemes & latest designs: We dye the rugs while manufacturing them. This lets the fibers hold the color tightly and make the fading unlikely. Due to this, the color of our rugs do not fade away and stay as fresh as new for years. Heavy traffic and outdoor usage do not affect the color as well. We have eight different eye-catching color combinations in the stock when it comes to the 60x220 rugs.

      As for the design of rugs, we offer you finely made geometric patterned rugs. This includes a perfect blend of rectangular and square shapes. The color combination and the design of our rugs blend easily with the interior of any place and create an artistic look.

      Other functionalities: Our rugs are soft, thick, and anti-shedding. They retain their texture for years. They are also capable of reducing the noise, cold, and dust inside your place by absorbing them. They efficiently improve the quality of air and provide you with fresh air.


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      Despite our rugs are functional and practical, they are available at affordable rates. So, take your time to have a look at our range and make a wise decision.