60 x 110 Rugs


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      60 x 110 Rugs

      Rugs cover a small area of the floor but they make a significant difference. They act as a shield against draughts, noise, germs, and dust. They increase warmth and coziness by covering the hardwood and marble floor as well as defines partitions within your place. The rug is mainly used for decorating a place due to its contemporary styles and vivid colors. They also protect the floor from wear and tear, moisture, stains, and germ sitting enhancing the lifetime and texture of the floor. There come many sizes when it comes to area rugs. So currently if are in search of 60x110 Rugs, Oxford Homeware is here to serve you and cease your search.

      Oxford Homeware is a professional manufacturer and online retailer of area rugs. We are a team of experts, creative designers, professional manufacturers, and other cooperative coworkers who collaborate and bring new designs and color schemes for you. We’ve been working in the industry for the last two decades & have earned a good reputation and customer’s love. Our rugs withstand heavy traffic, harsh climatic conditions, and outdoor usage staying fresh as new and providing you a comfortable and soft underfoot surface. Our high-quality 60x110 rugs make them popular among people for many reasons described below.

      Types  Available

      Top-notch raw material: We believe in the high-quality of rugs and do not compromise even though they are massively produced. Each piece is made under the close watch of our experts. We use 100% polypropylene for making the rugs. This is processed on the power looms in Turkey and results in the finest and well-made rugs. Our rugs are hard-wearing and do not show pilling or shedding at all.

      Beautiful color combinations and designs: We dye our rugs during the manufacturing process so that the fibers hold the dye tightly and make the fading unlikely even after excessive sun exposure and heavy traffic. We offer 60x110 rugs in eight different fascinating color combinations comprising three to four different colors in each rug. All these colors perfectly match and blend well to give an artistic look on the whole. As far as the designs of our 60x110 rugs are concerned, we use computerized techniques for creating designs. We offer Havana 60x110 rugs in geometrical patterns. These comprise a mixture of rectangular and square patterns and create an appealing and intriguing look.

      Easy buying: we have a user-friendly website where all of our products are arranged in categories. All these categories appear on the main page of our website from where you can easily go to the desired product in just a few clicks. Moreover, our products come with the product details, so that you can easily determine whether you need them or need to go for the other. We do not ask for any personal information except the one necessary.


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      Despite all the features described above, our rugs are available at cheap and affordable rates for our valued customers. So, have a look at our 60x110 rugs and make a quick purchase right away!