60 x 230 Rugs


      60 x 230 Rugs

      Shaggy rugs add a unique style and fascinating appeal to your place. They have a long and thick pile that resembles noodles. This long pile is usually loose and free to move. Shaggy rugs add a soft and warm touch under feet. They also decrease the sharpness of the interior and blend it to a balanced look. They also absorb sound, dust, and cold turning your place into an ideal one.


      1. Living Room Rugs
      2. Runners Rugs

      If you are currently looking for 60x230 rugs for your place, Oxford Homeware offers you high-quality 60x230 rugs in vibrant colors to cease your search. We are the professional manufacturers and retailers who have been designing the rugs for the last two decades. We have mass production of shaggy 60x230 rugs and each rug is made under the close watch of our professional manufacturers to ensure the high quality and finest finishing. Our rugs effectively absorb the dust and dirt mists and filter the air. They reduce the noise level and make your place peaceful providing some practical benefits as well. Our rugs have reliable colors that do not fade due to sun exposure or excessive use. You can freely add them to bedrooms, living rooms, sunrooms, kid’s rooms, or drawing rooms. Our rugs are soft enough to lay, play, and walk on freely.

      Types  Available

      Here's what we offer when it comes to our shaggy 60x230 rugs:

      • High-quality raw material: Our rugs are made from high-quality and 100% pure polypropylene yarn. Which is processed on power looms in Turkey resulting in finely made rugs. Our rugs are antibacterial, non-shedding, and hard-wearing. They withstand heavy traffic and harsh climatic conditions working to their optimum level. The tight construction and thick pile are the accents of our shaggy rugs. This makes the rugs long-lasting and robust. Our raw material is pest repellent and helps you to disinfect the place as well. The characteristically thick pile and top quality make our 60x230 rugs the focal point of your place by adding a zing to your interior.

      • Designs and color schemes: our shaggy rugs are popular due to their vivid colors and designs. We offer 10 different colors when it comes to our 60x230 rugs. You can choose any of these colors depending on your taste and preferences. These colors elegantly blend with your home decor and help you customize the look. As for designs, plain shaggy rugs occupy a distinct place in hone designing and this is the reason we offer a wide range of plain shaggy rugs. They are a subtle addition to contemporary interiors and abstract patterns.

      • Hassle-free buying: From our user-friendly, you can buy the desired 60x230 rugs in a few clicks. All of our 60x230 rugs will display on the screen once you search them in the search bar or find them under the rug category. To place the order, all you need is to click on the desired rug to add it to the cart & confirm your order. Our team is available 24/7 for taking your orders.