4.5 Tog double Duvet


      4.5 Tog Double Duvet

      This 4.5 Duvet Tog Double adds much-needed comfort and support to your mattress. It consists of three parts open-cell memory foam that allows for some airflow and reduces motion transfer and pressure points This topper comes with a 1.5-inch polyester cover with a quilted design and a hypoallergenic down-alternative fiberfill.

      What is the Function of Togs?

      A tog is a unit of measurement for the amount of thermal insulation provided by a product. Tog ratings like 4.5 tog duvet are commonly related to duvet thickness and provide a general estimate of how warm your duvet will keep you. In general, the higher the duvet's tog value, the warmer it is.

      Summer's Best

      There's nothing like kicking off your 4.5 Tog Double Duvet in the middle of the night because you're too hot, only to wake up too chilly since you didn't have a cover. A summer duvet comes in handy in this situation. For the warmer months, a duvet as light as 1 tog is preferable, although we would choose a lightweight 4.5 Tog Double Duvet.

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