240 x 320 Rugs


      Houses are the best investment a person ever makes. They require a large amount of money for building, therefore, need to be cared for appropriately. The floor bears the pressure most of all so you need something for their sustainability. Carpets and rugs are the best go-to option for protecting the floor. They improve the condition of the floor and prevent slipping, damping, and staining. They resist the fading and retain the texture of the floor. In addition to that, rugs add beauty to the place with their beautiful styles and color schemes. They also help you personalize the look of your place and make it appear vibrant adding stronger and bolder patterns and texture to it. If you are looking for 240 x 320 rugs currently, Oxford Homeware is here to halt your search and provide you with the best quality and top-notch 240 x 320 rugs. Our rugs are made by sophisticated techniques under the close watch of our experts and offer you with the finest finishing. They also act as air filters and trap the dust, dirt, and other contaminants providing you with the fresh air to breathe in. Our rugs also provide warmth under your feet in colder seasons. Their soft pile makes the floor comfortable for playing, laying, and sitting. 

      Here's why you should buy the 240×320 rugs from our store? 

      High-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene yarn for making our rugs. This results in soft, warm, luxurious, hard-wearing, and durable rugs. Our 240×320 rugs are ideal for walking on and reduce slipping. They withstand the heavy traffic and excessive outdoor usage and retain their smooth and uniform texture.

      Vivid color schemes: Our vivid and vibrant color schemes make the rugs fit into everyplace and complement it. Beautiful color schemes do not overpower the features of your place and prove a subtle addition. We have eight different color combinations that create a stronger and bolder look without disturbing the features of the interior.  Our color schemes comprise both darker and neutral hues which are blended well and offer you a color balanced look. 

      Beautiful designs: When it comes to designing the rugs, we leave no stone unturned and provide you with the best designs. Currently, we are offering our valued customers with Havana rugs having geometric patterns. Our rugs have rectangular and square patterns in a blended and balanced way.

      Affordable ratesDespite the above-described features, we provide our rugs at cheap and affordable rates. Even though the rates are low but we do not compromise on the quality of the rugs. We ensure that our customers do not have to stress their budget for purchasing the rugs from our store. 

      Easy buying: Our website us user-friendly and easy to use. Even if you do not use of buying the products online, our website offers you easy navigation to the desired section. You can place the order in just a few clicks. For further information and queries, you can contact our team anytime.