200x290 Rugs


      Rugs are an easy and quick way to transform your place. They not only change the appearance of your place but also provide additional benefits. Rugs change the flooring on a limited budget carrying warmth, coziness, and decor features as well. If you have dark and hard floors, rugs laminate your hard floor and make it softer. They also trap light and fill up your space with brightness.

      The bright and cherry-colored rugs are a great move if you love playing with the colors and experimenting with looks. They instantly add softness and luxuriously warm and cozy space under your feet. Moreover, they decorate the room with their color and design. They also divide the place into various sections. 200 x 290 rugs are preferred when it comes to adding rugs to the bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

      So if you are planning to buy a 200 x 290 rug for your place, visit Oxford Homeware. We have an expert team and professional manufacturers who work endlessly to bring new designs and high-quality rugs for you. Our rugs come in every color and latest designs. Our 200 x 290 rugs prove a subtle addition to your place and perfectly complement it. Our contemporary and geometric rugs create an utterly unique look and showcase an exquisite appeal. They fit well into the hallway, entrance hall, bedrooms, living rooms, and even outdoor places. The natural elements add style and compliment your place.

      With our extensive range, you can make an easy and quick decision to personalize your interior. The stronger and bolder shades with a neutral foundation make them the focal point of your space. 

      Here's what we offer when it comes to our 200×290 Rugs

      High-quality raw material: We use 100% polypropylene for making our rugs so that they result in soft, hard-wearing, and durable ones. Although we manufacture the rugs at a large scale we do not compromise on the quality and ensure that all of our products turn out a high-end product. 

      Latest designs: we have the latest and trending designs when it comes to our rugs. Our rugs come in plain and geometric patterns. The thick pile makes them appear uniform & offer soft texture which when paired up with the cozy blankets proves best for frosty nights. 

      Color schemes: colors play an important role in determining the overall look of your place. We, therefore, offer you almost every color and combination of various colors that perfectly blend with your place & make it look prettier. Moreover, these colors are strongly held by the fibers and are added during the manufacturing process. These colors do not fade away even after excessive use and outdoor usage.

      We also have a range of