160 x 230 Rugs


      Rugs are usually used to cover the floor in order to protect it and make it look better. Rugs have a positive impact on the air quality of the place by filtering out the air. Rugs are also a source to provide warmth and softness to the floor so that you can walk barefooted on them regardless of the weather conditions. You can walk, lay, and play on the rugs and sometimes exercise on them. Rugs are usually laid on the carpet, and added softness results which slow down the wearing process of the carpets and increase their lifespan. They act as a barrier against the air contaminants by trapping the pollutants and vacuum clean the air. This supports asthma and hypoallergenic patients especially when you have a wooden and hard floor. Rugs come in various sizes that complement different areas of the home. So, if you're in search of a regular-sized 160×230 cm rugs for your place, we the Oxford Homeware is here to cease your search.

      Our crew includes a team of expert designers, professional manufacturers, and other creative coworkers. All the team members coordinate with each other and put the best efforts in creating new designs. We use highly sophisticated techniques like power looms for making the 160 x 230 rugs. All of our rugs are made under the close watch of our expert team. They offer the finest and smooth finishing. They appear neutral and add a soft touch to the place with a feeling of serenity and brilliance. Our 169x230 rugs prove to be very comfortable and do wonders with its welcoming ambient appeal. 100% polypropylene adds instant warmth to the place and makes it cozier. They bring a touch of elegance and richness by injecting a contemporary appeal to your place.

      Here's what makes our 160 x 230 rugs the best go-to option? 

      Our rugs prove a decorative and subtle addition to your place and create an illusion of spacious and cozier place. We offer top-notch & high-quality products to our valued customers and ensure an instant lift in the present look. As for the raw material, we use 100% pure and chemical-free material which makes our rugs skin-friendly, hard-wearing, and easy to go with. 

      We stick to the geometric patterns which look amazing and fascinate the viewers. They fit well into small and narrow places without making them appear stuffed and crowded. The vivid combination of colors add a pop of colors to the place and make it look brighter and lively. They act a soft and beautiful furnishing and create harmony between your interior and other accessories. As well as, our 160 x 230 rugs are designed by keeping the minimalist trend in view which prevents an extravagant look and fits well into fully decorated places. Moreover, we 160 x 230 rugs for both indoor and outdoor. 

      We have a user-friendly website that offers an easy and hassle-free buying process. Here you are not asked to provide personal information except the necessary one. So, don't overthink and enjoy the best online shopping experience by purchasing from our online store.