160 x 220 Rugs


      160 x 220 Rugs

      The rug is a great way to add texture and softness to your home. They not only elevate your place but also complement the interior with additional benefits as well. There can various reasons why one goes for rugs? Comfort, warmth, styles, texture, safety, covering imperfections, and adding a pop of color are a few of the main reasons. Among all rugs, shaggy rugs have the thickest pile.

      They create cushions underfoot surfaces where you can walk and play comfortably. Hardwood and marble floors are usually covered by these soft shaggy rugs because they are very hard and uncomfortable. They also act as an insulator and help you keep your place warm and cozy by absorbing the draughts. They also make the place welcoming for guests. 

      Large areas or rooms usually need a large area rug to cover most of the area and provide you with maximum benefits. So if you are looking for one such 160x220 rugs, oxford homeware is here to halt your searching process. We have an extensive range of 160x220 rugs at our online store, all our rugs guarantee durability and longevity. They cover your room evenly and provide you with a soft and uniform surface where you can spend quality time with your pets and children or do exercise.

      Our rugs are made from high-quality raw material and through highly sophisticated techniques and own many practical features. There are many color schemes available in our stock so that you can buy matching and complementing colors for your space. When choosing the rugs from our website, if you feel any confusion, contact our team right away by clicking in the top right corner. Our cooperative and active team is available 24/7 for your service. 

      Here's what we offer when it comes to our 160x220 rugs.

      High-quality raw material: we use 100% polypropylene as raw material for our rugs. They are processed on power looms and result in soft, durable, and comfortable rugs. The tightly woven fibers and uniform texture inspire the viewers by elevating the interior. Moreover, our polypropylene-made 160x220 rugs are washable and easy to maintain.

      Color scheme: Each designer and professional focus on minimalism and avoid overdoing. That's why we offer plain 160x220 rugs that blend well with the interior without creating an extravagant look. Also, we provide our valued customers with ten different eye-catching colors. These colors are reliable and withstand heavy traffic and sub exposure.

      Other functionalities: our 160x220 rugs are non-shedding, non-pilling, anti-bacterial, pests resistant, anti-allergenic, and stain-resistant. They trap dirt particles from the air and filter it making the quality of air better inside. They prevent the wear and tear of the floor and hide the imperfections well. Our rugs also make the interior warm and cozy and so the underfoot surface.

      Despite all the above features, our rugs are available at cheap and affordable rates when compared with other online stores. The low prices do not mean that you are likely to comprise on the quality. you’ll realize that it's worth investing money once you buy from our store. So hurry up & place an order right away!

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