15 Tog king Duvet


      15 Tog King Duvet

      Duvets seem to be comparable to comforters in that they are used mostly on beds in the same way. The layers of a 15 tog king duvet 230 × 220 cm or 90 x 86 inches are normally made of basic cotton or Egyptian cotton material, while the middle layer is typically made of polyester. Heavy 15 duvet tog with extra warmth offers a beautifully light yet warm opulent feel that drapes across the body offering a lighter toasty feel on frosting nights and offers sound sleep. Oxford Homewares offer an excellent type of 15 tog king duvet collection.  

      Features of our  15 tog king duvet are discussed below: 


      They're only available in white, so they'll match any bedding or décor. Our incredibly soft 15 tog king duvets are breathable, wrinkle-resistant, & indicate no substantial lifting after frequent use.

      Affordable and long-lasting

      15 tog duvets king size can regulate your body's temperature. You don't have to be concerned about sweating when you use Oxford Homeware duvets. It is exceptionally durable & non-pilling, thanks to the even webbing style stitching that creates an evenly and soft surface. Since they are soft, there will be no pressure when you sleep below them. Pricing is both attractive as well as cost-effective.

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