15 Tog Duvet


      The 15 Tog Duvet serves as a base for platform beds, bunk beds, and daybeds. It gives your mattress more support and keeps it in good shape, extending the life of your mattress. Best 15 Tog Duvet gives the mattress sturdy bottom support and lifts the mattress by around 1.5 inches. When a mattress is placed directly on slats or metal springs, it has a proclivity to rip or sink.

      What does the term '15 tog' refer to?

      You've probably observed that Best 15 Tog Duvet is labeled with a tog rating and that quilts with a higher number are typically thicker. But, exactly, what does the term "tog" mean?

      A tog is a unit of measurement for how well a duvet insulates heat. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet; 1 tog is the coolest and lightest, while 15 tog duvet single is the warmest. 

      Why choose our 15 tog duvets?

      Our 15 tog duvet is thermally insulating, soft, durable, and extremely comfortable. They help keep your body warm without causing any sweating leading to a restful sleep.

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