13.5 Tog single Duvet


      The Lustrous Cotton Sateen Weave of the 13.5 Tog Single Duvet Classic Duvets Are Smooth, Airy, And Cool, Woven From 100 Percent Long Staple Organic Cotton For The Best Night's Sleep. Togs Certified Organic Cotton is 100 percent togs certified. The highest level of organic cotton certification for 13.5 tog duvet indicates that the fabric was made without the skin-irritating chemicals or toxic dyes found in conventional cotton.

      Duvet Tog Rating

      The scale ranges from 1 to 15, with 1 tog representing the coolest and lightest rating and 15 togs representing the warmest and coziest. Each duvet has a tog rating that indicates how efficiently it retains heat between layers and, as a result, how warm or chilly it will keep you throughout the night.

      Feather & Black offers three different tog ratings with our duvets: 4.5 togs, 10.5 togs, and 13.5 tog duvet. It's worth trying with a variety to get a sense of how warm you prefer your bed to be, and having different duvets for different seasons might also be a smart idea. Best 13.5 Togs Single Duvet samples are available in all of our stores to assist you in making your decision.

      We also have a range of