120 x 120 Rugs

Either it’s a hallway, entrance hall, living room or drawing room, make a great space by adding a square 120 x 120 rug to it.  A well thought and stylish rug proves a subtle addition and lifts the interior instantly. These rugs create a welcoming appeal and prove an ideal addition. Additionally, every time when winter falls and the temperature starts dropping, the floor tends to be cold and you hate walking on it. Rugs offer you the perfect landing space under feet and save the toddlers every time they fell accidentally. They protect your whole family members as well and lower the risks of injuries. 

Buy the best quality 120x120 rugs from the Oxford Homeware:

To make a quick purchase, Oxford Homeware is a reliable online store. We offer you the high-quality square rugs made from 100% polypropylene and offer durability and softness. They also hide the floor imperfections very well. They offer a soft and thick pile that provides thermal insulation and anti-slipping properties. When it comes to designing the rugs, we offer you the latest and the trending designs that prove a complementary addition to the place. We offer you the plain and geometric patterns when it comes to our 120 x 120 rugs. The geometric patterns include rectangular and square patterned rugs which create a perfect blend of patterns and compliment your place.

Our rugs are ideal for small rooms and kids' rooms and fit well into them. They do not overpower the interior and balance the features of your place. Our 120 x 120 rugs are functional and provide you a comfortable place for kids’ activities.

Moreover, it is easy to buy the rugs from our user-friendly website even though you are not used to buying products online. We offer you an easy buying process, on our website you can easily navigate to the desired category just by clicking on them. For product queries and information you can click on the desired rug and the details will appear in the same window. For further queries, contact our team, we are available 24/7.