120 x 160 Rugs


      120 x 160 Rugs

      Shaggy rugs are characterized by their thick and long pile which is also called noodles due to their shape. The thick noodle-like pile is loose and gives off a soft and smooth texture. They create a soft underfoot surface that offers warmth and coziness saving you from a sudden shock that you are likely to receive when touching the floor barefooted. Another benefit of shaggy rugs is their noise-controlling ability. They absorb the cold and chilly winds creating a perfectly warm and cozy space in your bedroom, TV lounge, or living room. They have a rubber back that resists slipping and keeps the rugs at their place. Shaggy rugs outshine wherever they are used.

      Types  Available

      If inspired by the features of shaggy rugs, you are looking for 120x160 shaggy rugs, we the Oxford Homeware is here to cease your search and provide you with the required rugs. We have everything you need. Our professional manufacturers and designer tirelessly work to bring you quality rugs. A wide variety of raw materials is used for making the rugs from which we prefer 100% polypropylene for its endless benefits. Our 120x160 rugs are ideal for reducing the noise level, cushioning the floor, add style, and provide better quality air by filtering it. Moreover, our 120x160 rugs are hypoallergenic, anti-pilling, non-shedding, fire-resistant, and Eco-friendly. Despite all these features, our rugs are available at affordable prices so that you can make a quick purchase without stressing your budget. Continue reading to find out the features of our 120x160 rugs...

      Features of Oxford Homeware’s 120x160 rugs:

      High-quality raw material: we prefer 100% pure polypropylene yarn for making our rugs. Our rugs are woven on power looms under the close watch of our experts and result in finely made and durable rugs. The durability and strength of our 120x160 rugs are incredible. Thick pile & district quality make our rugs the focal point of your place without overpowering the other features.

      Color schemes and designs: simplicity and minimalism are the ultimate fashion & we know it well. That's why we offer you plain 120x160 rugs to create a modern-day appeal and embrace your interior gracefully.


      1. Living Room Rugs
      2. Runners Rugs

      For color schemes, we offer ten eye-catching colors comprising both neutral and bold hues. The color is reliable and will not fade due to sun exposure, heavy traffic, or excessive use. The rectangular shape of these rugs adds an illusion of longer and wider space. Our range of 120x160 rugs allows you to create an artistic and exquisite appeal to your place and transform it completely.

      Easy maintenance: usually shaggy rugs need regular maintenance but the raw material we use for making our shaggy 120x160 rugs reduces the need for frequent cleaning. Our rugs are stain-resistant, anti-pilling, and non-shedding. You don't need regular maintenance, all you need is to vacuum clean them twice or thrice a weak.

      On top of that, we offer an easy and hassle-free buying process. So what else you need? Browse our website and order your required 120x160 rug right away!